It’s Okay

piclab[2497]It’s okay in this life to change your mind.

It’s not okay to ignore your instincts, there’s a reason you have them.

It’s okay to change the direction in which you’re headed if the current destination is no longer a place that you desire to go.

It’s not okay to remain in the same place if the only thing holding you there is the fear of the unknown.

It’s okay to distance yourself from people and things that dull the colors in your world.

It’s not okay to lose sight of all the colors in your world because those around you are colorblind.

It’s okay to set limits and boundaries, unapologetically and without explanation.

It’s not okay to allow the pushing of those limits and boundaries to go unchecked.

It’s okay to quit, to give up and walk away from anything that dims your sparkle or drains your energy.

It’s not okay to hold on if the fear of letting go is what is holding you.

It’s okay to refuse to feed someone else’s need for attention.

It’s not okay to continue to sit at a table where respect isn’t being served.

It’s okay to allow silence to be your response where your words have once been wasted.

It’s not okay to silence your own needs and desires.

It’s okay to take risks and chances on things that challenge you to live louder, harder, and fearlessly.

It’s not okay to be afraid to bet on yourself.

It’s okay to choose happy and to live from a place of love.

It’s not okay accept anything less.