Soulful Ponderings

IMG_6646Sometimes it’s good to just dig a little deeper.  Often times while out meandering through the woods, I tend to let my mind wander onto things that have been nudging at my heart. It’s when I can truly just spend time alone walking and talking to God.  Or wrestling; sometimes that happens too.  I’m pretty certain He intended this brain to be used and every now and again He likes to really give it some exercise.

Something I have learned about myself is that I like to make people think.  I want them using their brains, processing, dissecting, and weighing.  I’m not a fan of “uh huh” type people, you know the “bobble-heads”…  I want to be around people that will disagree, question, and make me think.  I like a good conversation, and I have learned that some of the best ones can happen when two very different people with opposite outlooks can actually converse about those things without fighting.

That’s what I want to do here.  I want to ask the hard questions.  I want to make the uncomfortable statements.  But in doing so, I am hoping to engage someone.  To make someone think.  To get someone to say, “I disagree”, and then tell me why.  I invite you to do just that.  Leave a comment or send me an e-mail, let me know if you agree or disagree.  Expand on a thought, dig a little deeper.