Life Lessons

Long Point 2

The greatest teacher is life itself.  We don’t stop learning until the day we stop breathing.  Or we shouldn’t anyway…  To live is to learn and to learn is to truly live.  Not all lessons are pleasant in nature, some of them can even be regrettable.  All of them however are necessary in order to grow, to transform us, to guide us to our intended purpose.

These are the lessons that life has taught me.  I have learned a lot of truth and a lot about myself while learning these lessons.  The biggest thing I’m learning is that apparently, I am stubborn and insist on learning most things the hard way…

Lesson #1 : Until you learn the lesson, you are destined to repeat the mistake.

Lesson #2 : The length of time we spend “stuck” in a situation oftentimes depends on how long it takes to be willing to learn what it is trying to teach us.

Lesson #3 : You cannot control the actions of others. You can however, control the way in which you choose to react.

Lesson #4 : Choosing not to react is often the reaction heard the loudest.

Lesson #5 : The only person responsible for your happiness is you.

Lesson #6 : How someone else treats you does not define who you are.  The way in which you treat them however, is genuinely who you are.

Lesson #7 : You can’t expect to receive God’s full blessing upon your life if your hands are full of junk.

Lesson #8 : Some folks are only placed in your life to test your character.

Lesson #9 : Surround yourself with that which is life giving and you will never have to wonder if yours is a life worth living.

Lesson #10 : You are a product of your choices not your situation… You can always choose to change your situation.