Captured Moments

IMG_7282I like to take pictures. That may be a slight understatement. I LOVE to take pictures. Capturing the beauty of a fantastic landscape is absolutely one of the most soul soothing things in the world for me. There is nothing like scanning out over God’s creation and marveling at all of the colors, the perfection of it all, and the serenity found in it. I can honestly hear God whispering to me in some of the moments, “Here ya go kid, I made this just for you.”

Some of these places I return to over and over again. The angle may be the same, but I assure you different magic was discovered each time. Other places I may only venture to once in my life. In all of them however, it’s there, a soul soothing moment. Much like a mother’s gentle kiss chases away the pain of a scraped knee, these places reach down into me and just make me feel better.