IMG_3119Life can be chaotic.  Too chaotic.  And when that happens, I look for things to soothe my soul.  This is a place to wonder and wander…  To explore new things.  To reconsider old things.  To just find a space where one can turn down the noise.  Connect to something real.  And to dream about the big and impossible things.  It’s a hiding place of sorts.  Somewhere safe to indulge and squander time, because who doesn’t need a little bit more of that in their lives?

It’s also a place where seriousness can exist.  Where the hard questions can be pondered.  Where life can be lived completely messy and unexcused.  But what it will never be is a place where negativity and doubts can reside.  I have heard enough in my life about the things that I can’t do, I’m ready to learn what I can do…

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