Don’t let your perceptions of someone be clouded by the judgement of others.




We’re all the villain in someone else’s story, whether rightly deserved or not. Someone is always going to feel as though they have been wronged when there has been a misunderstanding or a parting of the ways. What isn’t always known or understood is the catalytic moment that led up to the separation. In truth, what happened is not relevant. Their story is not yours and yours is not theirs. Truth can be subjective.


Never let anyone else determine the truth for you. It’s okay to take someone’s opinion or advice into consideration, however, it should never be the sole determining factor in what you believe about another. Whether intentionally or not, they may in fact be telling you wrong. Something more discerning than words are actions. Deception by words is an easy thing to accomplish. Deception by actions however is rarely successful. The best way to discover truth is to experience it. Let someone show you who they are before you determine what you think you already know about them.  


H. Jackson Brown Jr said, “nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” I’d venture to guess the cost goes up exponentially when that opportunity is discovering another human being. They may very well be the one that adds unexpected color to your world. Or perhaps, what they add will be another facet of truth that you have failed before to recognize. They may merely end up being nothing more than a life lesson. But what if the lesson to be learned was in fact fundamental to uncovering your own truth?


Be brave enough to discover your own truth. Choose well and live loved. ✌🏻😘


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